Innovation in your hands Low-code / No-code

Bharath Prasath - Assistant Manager

April 27, 2022

New technological disruptions are transforming the way how values are created for the customer. A widespread revolution is taking place in terms of speed and cost dynamics with the advent of technologies like Cloud, mobile, and SaaS. Similarly, with RPA, AI and ML organizations are seeing a profound change in the way how things are done and who does it. Taking a closer look, one can see, that all these technologies are making the value creation agile and the innovations associated with it decentralized. In other words, one can see an obvious shift towards the decentralization of technology.

Though they are all intended for decentralization, the actual one will happen only if the creativity is given a free rein, i.e. when users by themselves or the one closely working with the user can develop the solutions. Low code developments are aimed at achieving this

61% of organizations have initiated or planned Citizen Development initiatives
- Gartner

Currently, with increased dynamic business conditions, organizations providing such solutions look forward to consuming applications with less complexity. This means the organizations need to adapt and sail smoothly in changing conditions. Low code helps organizations to achieve these


Low code / no code (LCNC) are software development platforms that enable people to build or modify the application with just GUI(Graphic User Interface). This means one can just create applications just by drag and drop, clicking, and editing with very less or no coding knowledge. With Low-codes one can easily deliver new capabilities at a record high delivery rate without relying on development teams and its traditional hand-coded computer programs. Industrial research estimated that over 75% of the app developments take place with LCNC.


Therefore, evidently, LCNC can seismically shift the development from the hands of the core developer to the one who works closely with the customer. This ensures the decentralization of the development kit and makes it available at all levels. Therefore, innovation can happen at all levels. In addition, the solutions or services are delivered at an unimaginable speed.

If industries stick to traditional development methods, they risk missing out on innovations that may have occurred outside of the core development space, as well as opportunities that could have revolutionized the business.

LCNC enables business developers to focus on building new platforms, enterprise, and even public applications in a quick and fast manner.

To summarize the benefits, the LCNC differentiates you from the pack by helping you

  • Meet the customer expectations at the best

  • Stay ahead in customer preference and the competitive business sphere as well

  • Introduce new innovative products

  • Engage quickly and respond to customer demand across different channels

  • To adopt Rapid Application Development models at a record high speed

  • Develop short cycle applications at a very minimal cost

  • It also facilitates the integration of dissimilar systems

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