CAD & Engineering Data Management

Design, Manufacture & Sell Anywhere

Developing products across different sites makes it easy for manufacturers to improve time-to-market and optimize their ROI. While cross-site production has many benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges:

  • Engineering groups having to manage and track collaborative engineering processes across various teams and Geographies
  • Streamlining flow of information flow between the global locations quickly while being easily accessible
  • Handling multi-site communication (globally distributed supplier base, manufacturing sites) and multi-CAD data
  • Address traceability of parts, data duplication and version control issues.

What CHANGEPOND can do for you?

  • Logically unified product development processes
  • Centralized Part Numbering System
  • Multi-CAD integrated system which maintains and publishes Single Source of Truth (BOM)
  • Legacy data conversion to migrate the data to standard CAD platform
  • Reusable and ready to use parts data

Your business will see many benefits

  • Reduction in cost of engineering – less effort with design & development, improvement in cycle time and minimum effort on non-value added activities like searching for the required part
  • Reduced Cost of Operation due to simplification and streamlining of review & approval process and the ease of the availability of data to participating stakeholders at earlier stages of the product development
  • Lower Cost of Quality and cost of supply due to better predictability of product performance achieved by stakeholders collaboration, easily traceable change history and reduction in the number of defects
  • Reduction in Cost of Service due to better management of requirements & higher quality which reduces customer complaints, increasing customer satisfaction

Sustenance Engineering-Sustain your existing product portfolios

Maintaining and growing market share is crucial for manufacturers like you, especially as new products are introduced into the market

While new products can improve your market share, it is also extremely important to sustain your existing product portfolio through general maintenance and upkeep. This work can often distract your best and brightest resources from developing those path breaking new products that can be the source of future revenue.

Our team at CHANGEPOND specializes in providing customers with customized Sustenance Engineering solutions that enable organizations like yours to benefit from the investments you have already made.

Sustenance engineering services can be applied to any product that needs improvement at any stage of its lifecycle. Our team works closely with you to address the requirements related to product enhancements, develop product variants to match evolving competition and also to address quality issues that arise from products are already in the field

Solutions include:

  • Engineer to order for Work Orders
  • Engineer to order for RFP’s
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO) Management
  • After Sales Support
  • Creating line variants of an existing footprint
  • Design Revisions to address quality issues from field
  • Design modifications to accommodate changes in purchased parts