Improve Application Performance by 50%

Containerization - Your pathway to scalability of the cloud

For the largest independent financial services firm in Canada, Changepond helped the client shift from a monolithic to cloud ready architecture using a Containerization approach


Reduced costs by 70%


Improved processing time by 60%


Increased Userbase by 143%

Advantages of a containerization approach

Application Scalability – Containerization allows applications to be split into multiple parts and added in different instances. This allows scalability and adding more users seamlessly.

Ability to have continuous integration and deployment – Development does not require to be maintained as a single source. Each micro service has different releasing strategies and hence continuous deployment is possible.

Ability to support mobile based authentication. Containerization enables adding of security layers and calling web services which is not possible in a monolithic design.

Challenges in a Monolithic Environment

  • You can scale only vertically – New instances cannot be added horizontally.
  • Processing time is slow.
  • Continuous integration and deployment are difficult since the development needs to be maintained in a single source. You must redeploy the entire application on each update.
  • Mobile based authentication is complex and hence difficult to have mobile based applications.

Analyst Speak

The global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35 percent to $120 billion in 2021, as the cloud continues to “take center stage” in the recovery from the pandemic

- Forrester

“By 2022, 75% of organizations will be running containerized applications in production.”

- Gartner

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