Experience Enhanced Performance and Cross-Platform Capabilities

Upgrade Your Website to the Latest
Version of Umbraco to stay

Upgrade Your Website to the Latest Version of Umbraco to stay updated!

Within 12 months, Umbraco 7 & 8 will become Unsupported!!!

Now it's time to start planning your migration to the latest version. From September 2023, Umbraco will not provide updates or Security patching for older versions, which makes your website vulnerable for security breaches.


why migrate to Umbraco version 9 instead of 8?

The transition from Umbraco 8 to Umbraco 9 involves migration rather than simply upgrading. Because there will be a major changes in codebase and the shift from ASP.NET to ASP.NET Core. Also,

  • ASP.NET Core and .NET 5 are cross-platform compatible with MacOs and Linux, expanding the developer base
  • Improved performance and cloud capabilities in Umbraco Cloud projects
  • Access to .NET 5 command line tools for project management, building, and running locally
  • Easier setup of Visual Studio solution and collaboration with colleagues
  • Deployments rely on .NET build steps and NuGet for a better and safer experience.

This enables businesses to leverage the latest technology with new features and enjoy better performance, sustainability and developer experience.

Changepond’s CMS experts can help you migrate your Umbraco 7 & 8 website to the latest version. Our team understands businesses' challenges when upgrading their legacy systems. Which is why we've developed a suite of predefined solutions and migration tools to streamline the process and get you up to running quickly. This will ensure your website remains secure and also provide numerous benefits that will take your website to future-centric way.

New features as follows

  • Version 9 offers a new underlying .NET platform with 50% to 100% performance improvements, better sustainability and improved developer experience with the latest tech stack
  • Version 10 (Long Term Support) provides improved performance, sustainability and developer experience with .NET 6. It also offers official Linux support and improved editor experience with the Block Grid Editor. It also has better support for multi-language sites with User permissions for languages
  • Version 11 is the fastest and most sustainable version yet, and it also includes improved editor experience with the Block Grid Editor.

But Hold On, There's More from Us!

Unleash the Full Potential of Umbraco with Our Ready-to-Use Pre-Built Solutions!


Besides Umbraco’s latest enhancements, including improved performance, cross-platform capability, we provide pre-built components and out-of-the-box capabilities that streamline development to deliver a customized Digital Experience.

  • Delivers a bespoke Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that is tailored to meet your unique requirements
  • Provisions for Building Personalization based on Business Requirements, allowing you to tailor your website's content and user experience to your business's unique needs with powerful personalization tools built right into Umbraco
  • Integrates Umbraco with third-party tools such as Identity Management and API Gateway
  • DXP expertise allows to provide Marketing Capability with Social Media Sharing and Emails, enabling you to enhance your website's marketing capabilities with built-in social media sharing, email functionality, integrates with Google Optimize for analytics and A/B testing
  • Expertise in deploying Umbraco on the cloud and automating deployment using DevOps tools.

Trust Changepond to help you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition. Act today to stay tuned.

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