Sankar Murugesan - Director - Digital Project Delivery - Nov 01, 2022

Intelligent Automation (RPA + AI/ML) is certainly bringing a paradigm shift to the way we conduct our businesses with the most recent developments in perceptual automation technologies. Today's Intelligent Automation is fueled by a variety of useful, experience-based business insights. C-suite executives are anticipated to continue leading organizational-wide activities for the implementation of Intelligent Automation.

Manual portfolio valuation is no longer pertinent for any asset management firm. Investors and regulators now demand crystal-clear information on the performance of their portfolios frequently. Therefore, creating reports using a manual, antiquated procedure is a laborious, time-consuming task. Due to the constant movement of portfolio firms and the growing volume of data, it can be challenging and time-consuming to acquire data from the finance departments at each organization with high accuracy.

In order to address this, Changepond proposed an innovative solution that consists of an RPA Bot and an ML engine. The bot is triggered based on emails received, and this is where the automation starts.

Automation starts when the emails received trigger the bot.

STEP - 1

The Bot segregates emails based on subject, sender, and once containing pdfs/links.

STEP - 2

The Bot then downloads the month-end statements received from different portfolios through mail or by accessing the website through hyperlinks and login credentials.

STEP - 3

These statements are sent to the OCR/ML engine, which captures the required information from the documents.

STEP - 4

The information is in turn picked up by the Bot and is keyed into the Fund Management Application into the appropriate fields.

STEP - 5

Make an API call to upload the downloaded statements into the CRM system for document management.

STEP - 6

Emails are moved to the processed/incomplete folder based on the status.

STEP - 7

Exceptions are retried and logged in execution logs respectively, and the same is updated in the execution report.

STEP - 8

Final execution reports are prepared and notified to the client via email.



Processing 4x more funds in portfolio valuation using Intelligent Automation


85% time savings in portfolio valuation through Intelligent Automation


Time taken to process

Before Automation 2+ hours

After Automation 15 minutes


Time saved is repurposed more
on core operational areas


The Bot works in a 24/7 manner so that investment value is reflected without any delay.