Digital Assurance - Redefining Excellence

Srivatsan Tiruvallur Thattai - Head - Digital Assurance

March 23, 2022

A Cognitive & Touchless way into the Digital Future I am a fungible, predictive, preventive and collaborative platform for assurance in the digital era.

You can view me as an aggregator wherein I can connect to

  • Multiple customer environments
  • Number of tools in each environment

I can execute instructions in each customer environment simultaneously, pull data, process data in the transformation layer and give insights. You can link/de-link me anywhere at any time. Every component of mine can be seamlessly coupled/de-coupled based on the set of functionalities you require – be it the coding part, the API part or the non-functional part.

I have the ability to step in at any stage of the lifecycle – You want me to do only code related in-sprint assurance – I can do it. You want me to undertake customer experience assurance without API integration – I can do it as well. Or you can select me to run your assurance end-to-end.

You have a DevOps pipeline – But is your assurance integrated with this pipeline? You need to run a parallel pipeline where code runs through tests in a touchless manner. I will run that pipeline for you.

While I will do parallel execution across multiple instances, I will also give you intelligent and persona driven insights at all times during execution. You are a product manager – I will tell you where your product fails and how much longer are those failures going to stall your product launch. You are a test manager – I will share the defect analysis and the screenshots of defects and every possible test metric you might want to look into. You are part of the business team – Well, I can tell you how much money those failures are going to cost you and how correcting them at an earlier stage is going to save you time and effort. My reporting is intuitive, complete and accurate. I can help your business grow like never before.

Welcome to the future of Digital Assurance!

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