Implementation of Design Configurator for industrial Fans

Karthikeyan Karamchandran - Associate Vice President - Sales - Engineering Services

June 23, 2021


Fans are the core of all ventilation and pollution control systems and are essential for proper process machinery exhaust, heating & cooling of space, and ventilation in an industry. A configurator is a tool that enables users to choose the different components options, and properties of a product. Configurators are equipped with a rules engine for component selection, formulae for dimensions, and material database.

The Designing medium

Configurators play an imperative role in designing as different variations can be represented, assessed, and priced.

So, what are configurators?

Configurators are also known as choice boards, design systems, or co-design platforms, are responsible for guiding the end-user through the configuration process. They help in creating drawings/models by just selecting the input parameter in the drop-down list and making design calculations in a single click.

Choosing the right configurator can help in automating the standard designs for the respective CAD representation, which is essentially used in designing a product that involves creating, modifying, analyzing, or optimizing a design.

CAD can immensely help in designing the axial, mixed flow, and centrifugal ventilators for Industrial Fan designs.

cad illustration

The capacity-building strategy of Changepond Technologies helps the industrial fan manufacturing business to maximize its strengths and achieve its goals. Our blower CPQ can help improve the business process by reducing 70% of the time consumed in the entire workflow design engineering and 50% of the cost of design to manufacturing. Our design configurator is specially designed for industrial fan manufacturing that can help the user in following operations

  • Reduce the Cost of Project Design
  • Add more clients with no impact to cost
  • Quick sales turn-around time
  • Increase Profits
  • Better Production Planning

Speed, Efficiency, and Agility can be drastically improved by our CPQ solutions to enhance the business. It helps fasten the workflow processes by giving more time to focus on the important work.

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