70% Cost Savings, 90% Time Savings

Business Benefits Maximized – From Cloud Adoption to Cloud Transformation

Every 60 seconds, this organization is making a visible difference in some part of the world.

For this largest child-focused private charity in the world, Changepond leveraged a ‘Build Once, Deploy Everywhere’ approach to redefine application architecture and deployment techniques across 100 countries.


The services provided include Consulting, Strategizing, Containerization, Deployment, Monitoring, Devops Transformation and Managed Services are provided to the client.

  • Reduced costs by 70%
  • Reduced time to create a build for release by 93%
  • Reduced Time for Production Fixes by 96%

Consider revisiting and strategizing your cloud approach if your business is impacted by:

Presence across multiple countries

Local teams for managing your infrastructure

Monolithic Architecture impacting Scalability


Challenges with a distributed on-premise architecture managed locally, across multiple countries:


Lack of Unified View


Not Scalable


High Costs on account of multiple teams and resources across the globe


Increased Time to Production

Cloud Transformation done ‘right’ is a gateway to multiple benefits realized almost immediately.

  • 50 - 70% Reduction in Costs
  • 90% Time savings and reduced overall time to production
  • Unified and standardized view across countries
  • Scalable infrastructure and savings on infrastructure costs
  • Easier management through one team

Analyst Speak

The cloud will serve as the glue between many other technologies that CIOs want to use more of, allowing them to leapfrog into the next century as they address more complex and emerging use cases. It will be a disruptive market, to say the least. - Gartner

Emerging technologies such as containerization, virtualization and edge computing are becoming more mainstream and driving additional cloud spending. Simply put, the pandemic served as a multiplier for CIO’s interest in the cloud. - Gartner

How can we help you achieve all this and more?