Most businesses share their excitement for Gen AI's potential but may have struggles with standing up secured infrastructure, justifying feasibility, lack of AI expertise, and going through lengthy IT approvals. Given the incredible pace of GenAI uptake, these traditional roadblocks can stifle innovation and stall your progress vs. competition

Introducing our Gen AI Experimentation Sandbox - a springboard to your Organization's Success with AI!

Changepond is excited to introduce the Gen AI Experimentation Sandbox with ready to use capabilities for prompt engineering, pre-release and post-release testing/monitoring, data management, fine-tuning and AI trust features. Conveniently hosted on Azure and tailored for businesses in need to accelerate their Generative AI journey. Our sandbox ticks all the checklist boxes of Business Owners, CISO, CIO, and CTO respectively and offers organisations a ready to use setup for immediate GenAI exploration.

Our team of experienced AI specialists will assist in eliciting the use case catalogue from your business, translate these into value propositions for various stakeholders and demonstrate the art of the possible with production quality pilots.


It Offers

Instant Access to Trusted & Safe Environment

Dive into Gen AI exploration instantly with our pre-configured sandbox environment on Microsoft Azure. The sandbox ensures data integrity, model integrity and AI application security

Expert Guidance

Get 8 weeks of dedicated support from our team of data engineers and Gen AI specialists. They'll assist you from use case analysis, to data preparation, deployment, refinement for a smooth implementation

Reliable with Built-in Features

Experiment confidently in a secure environment with built-in tools and resources to validate model accuracy, detect anomalies, handle AI explainability & interpretability and build RAG models.

What you’ll get in These 8 Weeks

Access to a team of Gen AI specialists instantly!

Automate specific use case with GenAI

Conversational AI Assistant

Scalable Architecture

Comprehensive Documentation

Interested in road-testing our GenAI Experimentation Sandbox?

Here are the steps to connect to the Azure-based sandbox and test Generative AI capabilities:

Access the Sandbox

Access the Azure-based sandbox environment with the link we will provide.

Upload Document Files

Navigate to the file upload section and select your non-PII document files for testing.

Supported formats : PDF, Word, and TXT - maximum file size of 200MB/per file.

Test Generative AI

After uploading your documents, go to the Generative AI section to test its capabilities. Enter different queries to explore the generated messages. You can test with up to 10 messages to experience first hand how Generative AI enhances information retrieval.

Explore Results

Review the generated messages to evaluate how well the Generative AI responds to different queries and retrieves relevant information from the uploaded documents.


Provide feedback on your experience with GenAI to help improve the system and enhance future iterations

Leapfrog your GenAI journey with our Sandbox.

Contact Us and Unlock the potential of Generative AI for your business!