50% Improvement in Shipping Capacity

Cloud Enabled Supply Chain Digitization– Leaner, Faster and more Efficient

For a Leading Technology solution provider aiming to digitize the bulk freight industry, we improved shipping capacity for their clients by 50%

Your freight technology solution opens up a whole new world of possibilities by

  • Process Migration of their freight solution on the cloud
  • Factoring Real Time Location and Tracking
  • Digitizing the Deal Process Workflow
  • Integrating Mobile to build an omnichannel workflow

Does your solution aim to address these problems faced by your clients?


Lost sales on account of Half Container Movement


Lack of real time visibility of your freight movement


Unstructured Deal facilitation


Inability to build in an omnichannel solution

Your clients can know where their freight is, at the click of a button!


Your solution on the cloud can include features like:

  • Real Time Tracking of Freight- for e.g. integrating Google Location services and Google Direction services with the cloud platform hosting your solution
  • 100% utilization of Containers
  • Omnichannel presence across platforms and devices
  • Conversational UI through bots - Transforming the Deal process workflow between the shippers and carriers

Cloud enabled supply chain digitization solutions offer a number of benefits to shippers and carriers.

Some of the benefits are listed below:


50% shipping capacity, improved by Omnichannel Presence


100% Transparency – Real time tracking of the freight


Increased agility across the supply chain


Bot enabled Deal Workflow parties

Analyst Speak

“By 2023, 50% of global product-centric enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility platforms.”

- Gartner

“Cloud deployment enables shippers and carriers to share a platform to match freight, maximize “backhaul” opportunities, and boost sustainability.”

- Forrester

How can we help you achieve all this and more?