95% Reduction in Transaction Time

Containerization – The key to Faster Deployments on the Cloud


For a global leader in asset management with more than one million transactions in a month, Changepond leveraged a containerization based Lift and Shift approach to move the client from an on-premise to a cloud environment.

Our approach ensured

  • 35% Faster Deployment
  • >95% Reduction in Transaction Time

Consider containerization-based lift and shift approach if your environment has

  • Complex legacy application based on different technologies
  • Deeply coupled services impacting integration

Challenge of preserving core legacy applications while shifting to the cloud


No common platform to manage all the in-house services


Non scalable deployment solution


High Costs on account of multiple teams and resources across the globe


High turn-around time for identifying and resolving defective transactions


Complexity in managing order processing from multiple modes of business


Containerization and Application refactoring can significantly simplify shifting from an on-premise to a cloud model and enable

  • 35% Faster Deployment
  • >95% Reduction in Transaction Time
  • Standardized intuitive user interface
  • Near Real Time Exception handling
  • Scalable infrastructure and savings on infrastructure costs

Analyst Speak

“By 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, which is a significant increase from fewer than 30% today” - Gartner

“This decision is not solely an issue of migration but is truly one of optimisation: Which cloud platform and migration techniques offer the chance to optimise the application's contribution to stated and implied business and IT goals?” - Gartner

How can we help you achieve all this and more?