Pixel Perfect Experiences

With every Release

AI powered Automated Visual Testing

Understanding the need for Visual Testing

Customers today expect visually appealing interfaces that are easy to navigate and intuitive.

Responsive, Digital and Dynamic


The look and feel of the page


Consistent object rendering across browsers


Responsive design


Degree of accessibility

Why automated AI driven visual testing?

  • Visual testing is critical to customer experiences - but is manual visual testing responsive enough?
  • The human eye is designed to perceive only so much. But with AI and automation, that perception can be taken to the next level.
  • Make every customer experience count!

What are the benefits?

35% faster

Visually Responsive Design

Higher Coverage

Validate across the UI and DOM

Accurately rendered objects across browsers and platforms

Detailed Diagnostics

How do we do it?

Our framework is tool based and platform agnostic. We can run it at our end or in your network, on premise or on the cloud. Our intuitive and flexible framework can determine if your software is pixel perfect, responsive and accessible.