Testing Methodology

Digital Quality Assurance

The Culture of Quality

Our Digital Quality Assurance engagements has provided assured quality results for customers with digital age testing needs ranging from large product migrations to cloud, API & mobile solutions, Agile DevOps application portfolios to virtualized and data intensive operations.

Our testing engagement methodology has been constructed upon the following inputs:

  • Test automation solutions
  • Mobile, cloud & data applications testing best practices
  • Sophisticated Testing processes and test metrics management
  • Digital testing competencies

Changepond brings you our following specialized testing quality focused model to help with total quality management with efficient testing support.

ADOPT – Test Consultancy Model


we help you with end-to-end testing assessment processes—from assessing current maturity, planning through final recommendations


Based on the maturity level, We will develop and define the roadmap for Quality improvements where Quality processes are documented and standardized


Our test acceleration techniques will be applied in order to further optimize test processes with the help of Our proprietary customizable framework


We offer a robust set of intelligent tools and assets to consistently support the entire spectrum of test process with Industry best practices


We use our next generation suite of productivity tools that automate test preparation, execution and management to drive improved quality, efficiency and effective test management

Test Repository

  • Our global repository stores our proprietary testing assets from our domain experiences
  • Test Scenarios are being stocked from our earlier projects for business domains like Banking, Financial Investments, Insurance, Lending (BFSI) Industries
  • Each business domain repository is ramped up with minimum of 500-600 Test Scenarios and still growing.
  • Repository is well Integrated with our Accelerated Test (CAT) Framework
  • Repository Readiness enables savings of 25–40% in Industry specific test preparation
  • Helps in Rapid Test Case & Data Preparation
  • Readymade Test Scenarios from repository can be deployed directly into CAT framework with little bit customization suitable to client’s requirement
Testing Tools

Test Automation

With test automation, we can improve the development process of a software product in many cases. The automation of tests is initially associated with increased effort, but the related benefits will quickly pay off.

Automated tests can run fast and frequently, which is cost-effective for software products with a long maintenance life cycle. When testing in an agile model environment, the ability to quickly react to ever-changing software systems and requirements is necessary. New test cases are generated continuously and can be added to existing automation in parallel to the development of the software itself.

CHANGEPOND Accelerated Test (CAT) Framework

  • Is a Changepond proprietary customizable framework developed over Selenium.
  • Used for test automation of web applications that are developed on .Net, Java / J2EE or other open source technologies
  • Provides a platform to implement automation through a Hybrid Framework
  • Significantly reduces test automation life cycle by accelerating script development, execution and management.
  • Provides comprehensive reporting features for managing exhaustive test scenarios.
  • Integrated Test Repository will generate test Scenarios & data to CAT Framework for BFSI Requirements optionally
test automation

Key Features

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface for creating and executing test scenarios
  • Flexible, Robust and extensible frameworks capable of supporting test automation across diversified web applications
  • Programmatic generation of functional test cases and helps users to perform functional, acceptance and compatibility testing
  • Detailed test execution results with consolidated summary and error snapshots with automated HTML report generation
  • Manages multiple execution environments to run the tests against different Browser/OS combinations

CAT Framework Benefits

Improve Quality by 15% – 25%

  • Defect findings during early stages
  • Improved tracking, quality and metrics

Reduce time to market by 30% – 35%

  • Tools & processes – Standardization
  • Robust Automated Regression test execution

Reduce testing costs by 25% – 30%

  • Productivity Improvement by scaling
  • Reusable Test cases for regression
  • Avoiding redundancy on test execution