Assure your Omni-channel implementation through COBAF

COBAF (Changepond Omni-channel Business Assurance Framework)

COBAF is a natively designed and well orchestrated Omnichannel assurance framework for the needs of today’s demanding customers. COBAF is an automated and integrated framework for E2E Business Assurance across channels, processes and devices.

In today’s digitally connected world delivering enhanced customer experience while leveraging a variety of components of Digital Ecosystem becomes challenging. Ensuring each component delivers optimum performance leading to customer delight becomes difficult as the organization becomes more digitally matured. It needs an orchestrated approach for assurance to avoid any gaps between IT and business asks.

Enroll in for a free diagnostic report and explore how COBAF helps your businesses understand what the customer experiences through its intelligent insights and enables superior customer experience. What not, you could also talk to us to guide you on devising your overall Omni-channel implementation strategy.

Running a Diagnostic on your Omni-channel will provide you insights on

Visual/UI Testing

Accessibility Testing

Device hand-over and Compatibility Testing

Performance Testing

COBAF Features and Benefits

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