Application Modernization

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Application Modernization

Prepare your IT environment to meet tomorrow’s business needs

Business requirements change, and businesses need to transform towards a digital model to realize opportunities that were never obtainable before the emergence of the cloud.

Many businesses today struggle to get the full value of migrating their enterprise systems to the cloud. According to McKinsey Study around 80 percent of them report that they have not achieved the agility or business outcomes they sought from application modernization. In essence, organizations are simply outsourcing their data centers, which prevents them from maximizing the benefits of the cloud.

Application Modernization?

When thinking of modernizing or upgrading your application, it may spark you with a lot of questions. Which technologies do you need to adopt? How can you reduce technical debt? What apps do you build new in the cloud? How can you be sure that you will keep up your pace with the industry evaluation? And how do you do it all quickly?

Changepond, an experienced provider can guide you to achieve this in a three-step evaluation process which provides direction in determining how to approach application modernization


of organizations have at least one application or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud.

Changepond Approach

Changepond’s expert team delivers predictable outcomes for your product with our modernization consulting. We take a data-driven approach when developing your modernization strategy to meet the needs of your business model and enhance your customer experience.

Step 1

Evaluate your legacy systems

Do you need to optimize and modernize? Should you rehost, replatform or redesign? Through many of the client engagements across several industries, we’ve learned what works well. Each application is unique and requires a custom solution. Our evaluation starts with comprehensive AI-driven insights and visualizations of your legacy applications, middleware and databases, your framework, code repository, workflows, reporting, and more.

Step 2

Evaluate modernization and develop a strategy

Our strategic transformation plan includes a prioritized list of short-term and long-term initiatives to meet your platform’s needs.

- Rehost
- Refactor
- Rearchitect
- Rebuild
- Replace

Step 3

Choose the approach with highest effect and value

Choose the modernization approach that will have the highest effect and value to your organization in terms of its effect on technology, architecture, functionality, cost and risk.

Ultimately, modernizing legacy applications means choosing between rearchitecting, rebuilding or replacing. Rearchitecting has medium costs and risks, whereas rebuilding or replacing provides the best results with higher costs and risks. The key is to weigh all options to help identify the extent to which each will have the desired effect — with the minimum effort and maximum positive impact.

The Changepond Advantage

We approach modernization consulting from the point of view of both an investor and a software company. Using DevOps tools and AI-driven automation, we have helped our customers change how they operate. Changepond works with you through your entire application transformation—from the modernization of existing infrastructure and applications to the development and deployment of applications that run on any cloud platform. Together, we’ll start small, develop an ROI-based strategy aligned to your goals and harness quick wins.

Operational Improvements

We have partnered with market leaders to ensure the success of our customers throughout their digital journey

Comprehensive Expertise

Our expert team has years of experience in leading modernization projects for our customers. Our recommendations are tailored to your unique platform and business goals.

Advanced Technology

The biggest benefit of modernization is that platforms are able to easily adapt to newer digital technology. We can leverage AI-Data-driven, add cloud-based integrations to your acquired platform, and more.

All-In-One Provider

Once the modernization strategy is developed, our development teams can get right to work. We maximize value, handling complex architectures, cloud or data migration, ongoing development, and more.

Case Study

“Organizations have to change, now … the path forward is clear:
Accelerate digital business or risk the survival of the organization.”

Source: Gartner

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