What does Low-code / No-code (LCNC) mean for small businesses?

Bharath Prasath - Assistant Manager

April 27, 2022

There is a lot of change in the business environment, and with no exception, everyone is dealing with some sort of disruption brought on by technology. Now, with technological advancements, the challenges have also set in.

The widespread reach of smartphones, the internet, and applications not only revolutionized the business environment but also the lifestyle of people as a whole. Nowadays, everything is done with a few clicks, from ordering food to booking taxis and making purchases. When the services are offered at just a swipe and tap, the tools used for building them are also demanded in the same manner.

Therefore, businesses are looking forward to creating apps that are built faster, less complex, and more agile. Because building an application from scratch requires a specific skill set, it entails a learning curve that creates a big barrier to the entry of non-technical users who wish to create simple applications. Also, small businesses who can’t afford to make such huge investments to build apps, and people looking forward to creating apps used for short-term gains, want the applications to be crafted with ease.

As a revolution in enterprise application building, LCNC has stepped in to meet this growing demand. The LCNC tools try to eliminate the coding part with GUIs, i.e., visual drag-and-drop interfaces. In brief, you will be provided with a set of predefined and pretested templates. All you have to do is to customize them and make connections to meet your demands. By doing this, you can create a full-fledged working application, or at least a prototype, in a matter of minutes.


LCNC brings several advantages to both business owners.

  • Reducing the time invested

    As small businesses can’t invest too much time in app development, they’ll appreciate an app that is built just by dragging and dropping, clicking, and editing.

  • Cost factor

    As anyone can create applications in less time compared to the current development process, obviously the cost involved in the building comes down.

  • Productivity

    Decentralization of innovation boosts creativity and productivity.

  • Customer Experience

    The applications are created by those who work closely with customers or are just one level away from them. So, once they get to know the pain points in the customer journey, they can quickly address them.

  • Enhanced risk management and governance

    With changing regulations, LCNC development enables rapid modification, allowing you to fulfill regulatory standards and catch up on timelines.

  • Rapid transition

    A transition is required in today's digital environment. LCNC development takes the complexity out of creating outstanding, contemporary business apps. And less complexity implies less turbulence.

    Because of these LCNC features, organizations are better positioned to adapt and respond to rapidly changing business situations.


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