Changepond partners with ABP Consultancy

April 2022 - Changepond and ABP Consultancy are happy to formally announce their partnership.

Changepond has been working with ABP Consultancy, an automating consulting firm since 2018 and the partnership is a natural next step.

With 7+ years of delivering automation success stories, ABP has carved a niche in the automation for business process management consulting with 150+ years of experience, a strong partner ecosystem, and trusted tailor-made automation solutions for their clients. The power transformation for their clients in the digital space– making them an ideal partner for Changepond and its customers.

Changepond and ABP have found synergies in helping customers on their digital transformation journey and bringing complementary technologies and skills to the table. For Changepond’s customers, this partnership brings niche high-quality process automation solutions.

Changepond looks forward to an increased presence in the Europe and the UK through her partnership with ABP.

Both companies are keen to explore new business opportunities and accelerate the development of digital solutions for clients by bringing together their experience and skills.

About ABP Consultancy:
ABP Consultancy brings digital transformation strategies to life. With over 150 years of combined consulting experience to the table, they ensure their clients achieve their business goals through the power of automation. Irrespective of where you are on your transformation journey.

Jorge Soares, Chief Executive, ABP Consultancy said:

We at ABP Consultancy follow the ethos that any digital transformation project should begin with our client's business objective in the center, and technology is incidental. We are excited to partner with Changepond, who are aligned with this ethos and will strengthen our capability with their skills pool to deliver process automation solutions to our clients that are right for their business needs

Siddharth Ramachandran from Changepond added:

Changepond is excited about working with one of the fastest-growing automation consultancies in Europe and exploring new opportunities together. We share our passion for technology as an enabler with ABP and are excited about joining hands to explore and deliver opportunities for businesses looking to transform digitally.