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AgileQuote: Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software re-imagined

By increasing throughput of quotations, conventional CPQ solutions are solving a problem that is increasingly becoming irrelevant. With subdued growth in today’s economy, sellers are trying to figure out how to make each quote count and increase the win rate of their proposals.

AgileQuote is CHANGEPOND’s set of software components and services that enable your enterprise to accurately define the price of your goods and services taking into manufacturing constraints that are relevant to today’s economy.

By leveraging cutting edge technologies and next-generation best practices, AgileQuote dramatically improves the success rate of turning quotes into winning proposals.

AgileQuote’s cloud-ready components cover every aspect of the Configure-Quote-Price process and can be fully automated based on your enterprise’s needs. The business intelligence at the core of each component allows it to handle products that involve complex variations and assemblies like those found in the Automotive industry, Engineering, Construction & Operations, High Tech and Industrial Machinery & Components.

Standard features

  • Creation of item bundles
  • Costing and pricing
  • Preparation of quotes
  • Quotation approval
  • Generating complete proposal by attaching a covering letter
  • Terms and conditions
  • Marketing collateral

Additional features

AgileQuote also goes beyond traditional features by leveraging social selling and other next generation best practices to support an array of powerful features that drive greater conversion of quotes to deals.

These include functionalities such as

  • Influence Sphere
  • Competitor Price Benchmark
  • Catch ‘Em Early etc.

Support for variety of integration methods

AgileQuote can also be integrated with any ERP solution. The method of integration is flexible based on the individual customer’s IT landscape: Integration via APIs, database replication or physical file transfers.

AgileQuote Benefits

  • Improve security of the crucial bidding process. Unlike Excel worksheets containing sensitive costing and pricing information that can be emailed out, quotes in AgileQuote can be accessed only by authorized users.
  • Optimize bid cost. By providing a single, integrated platform for bid preparation, AgileQuote saves time of product specialists, C-level executives and other key stakeholders involved in the bid preparation process, thereby optimizing bid development cost
  • Increase accuracy of quotes. Unlike Excel worksheets that are prone to costly errors, AgileQuote ensures that all quotes are technically and commercially accurate, thereby obviating potential losses
  • Make junior sales people into experts. By storing tacit knowledge from sales veterans and giving access to this knowledge to all sales personel, even novice sales people can come up the curve rapidly
  • Avoid lost sales due to scarcity of product experts. Worksheets for many non-standard configurations are stored and made available in AgileQuote, hence obviating the need for the involvement of product experts who are always in short supply


Easily manage and track upgrades to your utilities and Service offerings that require road level works

Driven by the imperative to “go green” and improve operational efficiencies, governments across the world are striving to reduce the dependency on manual paper-based management of their public utility services and automate these processes using software where possible.

One key area is the need of public utility companies and other service providers to excavate public roads in order to upgrade and improve their offerings to the general public. If such companies can automate the end-to-end processes involved in these endeavors, they will be able to realize benefits in areas such as cutting operational costs, minimizing Fixed Penalty Notifications and deepen their engagement with local community.

CHANGEPOND’s software and services in this segment of utility works allow utility companies to easily consolidate their existing disparate software applications, add insightful analytics capabilities and easily deploy and manager their onsite workforce. Coupled with tight social media integration, utility companies will be able to provide real time updates to key stakeholders and the general public on affected services.

CHANGEPOND’s offerings are built around the linchpin process of notice creation and distribution. It is vital in ensuring co-operation and co-ordination between the various stakeholders such as asset owners / councils, works promoters / statutory utilities, works undertakers / construction and contracting companies whilst minimizing inconvenience to the general public and local community.


CHANGEPOND provides street works management services to utilities, construction companies and contractors in the following areas:

  • Electronic Transfer of Notification functionality
    • Defective apparatus reporting
    • Diversionary works
    • Inspection sample calculation
    • Permit application modification
    • Temporary traffic signals
  • Dynamic scheduling of work orders based on
    • Dig once
    • Pinch point avoidance
    • Moratorium compliance
    • Other next-generation best practices
  • Dashboards
    • Activity progress
    • Noticing volumes
    • Fixed Penalty jeopardy
    • Reporting and public views
  • Mobile app support for key functions that would be used by onsite staff: least cost / most efficient site visit routing, before-after site condition capture, turn-by-turn navigation, resident engagement etc.
  • Social media integration including Twitter and Waze traffic alerts

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