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SAP HANA Case Study

by Changepond  Posted on July 15, 2016

A container management & tracking solution for a large North American heavy equipment manufacturer.


Need for On-Demand Data Visibility in the Supply Chain

RTI or Returnable Transport Items refers to all kinds of transportation packing assets that are used for carrying and transferring goods throughout the supply chain (containers, bins, pallets, racks, crates and carts). Manual processes lead to errors and delays for tracking containers resulting in misrouted goods, lost or under-utilized assets, amounting to wasted labor and a negative impact on revenues often resulting in delays for order fulfillment. Key challenge lies in ideally processing this ocean of real-time & historical data and presenting the consolidated information on a dashboard effectively.

Business Background

The customer is a large North American heavy equipment manufacturer looking to build an advanced solution for data analytics with an ability to analyze massive data sets in real-time. The customer was specifically looking to achieve significant gains in reporting performance, thus enabling them to arrive at better decision on right time with right analytics. The challenge however resided in the reduced time-window of data-load to prepare real-time data analysis.

The Solution

The RTI Tracker solution designed and developed by Changepond’s Enterprise Business Intelligence Group can be mounted on any existing technology infrastructure available in-place to capture and track data for every returnable asset available in an enterprise. SAP's UI5 JavaScript toolkit was used to build the Tracker application using HTML5 web development standards, thus resulting in a hybrid application that runs on any browser (web & mobile). The queried data is then represented visually via SAP VIZ Charts. The solution hosted on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) delivers the RTDP (Real Time Data Platform) benefits with ease, enabling the users to generate a variety of in-depth reports from LIVE & historical data including RTI history records, Inbound RTIs by location, Current Status of all RTIs, Location history record, User activity by username and many more.

The SAP HANA Factor

The sophisticated BI layer provides a complete set of analytic presentation tools including dashboards, analytics and reports with Visual discovery & pixel-perfect reporting generated on-the-go. SAP HANA Cloud enables transactional and analytical data to be processed at faster speeds when compared to traditional database platforms (85% reduction in time taken for each query execution). The overall data load time from SAP ECC to BW is reduced by 90% achieved with reduced data latency. The reporting performance improved by 70% compared to traditional database systems.

Business Benefits

  • Increased asset visibility to know what is there and where it is (Track the current location of RTIs and evaluate stocks and cycle times)
  • Improved accountability, to create and implement container management rules
  • Ensured proper utilization to maximize efficiency (Achieve transparency across your stocks of RTIs)
  • Optimized the entire supply chain with initiatives based on actionable data (Automate processes, reduce stocks, shorten cycle times, and recognize bottlenecks early on)


SAP HANA Case Study

A container management & tracking solution for a large North American heavy equipment manufacturer.

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