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Robotic Process Automation

by Changepond  Posted on November 16, 2017

all things digital. digital workforce

Disruptive Innovation has become the order of the day attracting companies to adopt a wide range of digital tools and strategies to run and grow their business. Thinking of digital innovation, Digital Work Force (a.k.a Robotic Process Automation) figures prominently in digital transformation strategy of enterprises.

The current crop of digital workforce technologies have started to harness breakthroughs made in Automation, Cloud, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Machine Vision and Big Data. Enterprises have started shopping for digital workforce technologies to stay relevant in the digital economy when the next wave of digital disruption “AI first” comes about.

Anticipating AI first business transformation, analysts are evolving various RPA models to deploy digital workforce like attended bots and unattended bots to automate human actions in software usage providing for varying degree of autonomy. Other models involve hiring 3rd party bots on a pay as you go model to handle specialized high-value tasks and seasonal spikes in workload etc.

Digital workforce technologies that have hit the market offer true flexibility and a short time to test viability of automation without costly reengineering. In addition the a roadmap with visibility to leverage Artificial Intelligence have made it the preferred foundational block of digital transformation strategies and RPA gaining the tag “limbs of AI”.



Robotic Process Automation

all things digital. digital workforce

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