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Independent Testing

The art of software testing - Our complete solution for all testing services

We offer a complete solution for all testing services for our customers across industries and geographies. Powered by a decade of testing experience, our approach and models ensures complete test governance and quality assurance at all stages in the software testing life cycle.

  • Improves the quality and performance of software applications by enhancing and optimizing the testing process
  • Technology empowered changes are done quicker by reducing the cost, increasing the speed, and improving the governance of changes
  • Delivers improved operational efficiency and quality by reducing production defects and business and technical risks
  • Proven automation test frameworks implemented across various industry solutions with better-quality and improved test coverage

Our model can be customized as per the customer’s requirements and business needs and its components can be independently employed to meet the specific needs of a project/team/organization.

Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)

testing CoE

Our TCoE can be customized as per the customer’s business needs with models and tools independently deployed to meet the specific needs of a project/organization.

Service offerings:

  • TCoE offers to our customers in UK, USA, and Australia a agile onsite-offshore testing team for a extended period with manual and automation capabilities
  • Cloud based testing with distributed test servers to form a real-world testing environment
  • Test Data Management and ability to build and manage extensive test repository
  • Strategic test consulting and specialised testing services

Core Testing Services

Datacenter Management Services

Provides core testing services to transform your business benefits

Application & Product Testing Services

  • Functional Testing
  • System & Integration Testing
  • Regression & Usability Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Automation Testing Services Supported by CHANGEPOND Accelerated Test (CAT) Framework

  • Build Verification Test Suite Development, Execution & Maintenance
  • Regression Test Suite Development, Execution & Maintenance

Mobile TCoE

Datacenter Management Services

Wide range of Mobile specific/App level testing for Smart devices including form-factor classifications (Mobile, Tablet/Slate) using virtual emulators/physical mobile devices/Cloud Services.

Mobile Testing Centre of Excellence

  • Compatibility, GUI & Usability Testing
  • Internationalization and Localization Testing
  • App protocol conformance
  • Screen & Keyboard Verification
  • Network Simulation & Interruptions Testing
  • Sound Profiles & Behaviour Checking
  • Audio/Video Quality Checking
  • Security & Synchronization Testing
  • Uncontrolled field testing (Real world testing)

Specialized Testing

Datacenter Management Services

Specialized testing Offerings with superior operational agility

Service Offerings:

  • Performance & Load Testing
  • Security Testing
  • SOA & Middleware Testing
  • SAP & ERP Testing
  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Cloud Based Testing

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