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Hospital Asset and Services Information System

CHANGEPOND with the backing of more than a decade long experience in Healthcare Facility management has formulated a unified Hospital Asset and Services Information System (HASIS) that help facility operators to run their business operations with minimal disruptions, thereby helping to achieve high service levels.

HASIS is designed to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management process. CHANGEPOND Healthcare Practice is the one of the fastest growing practices in CHANGEPOND. Our exhaustive knowledge and rich understanding of the specific requirements of the healthcare industry help us to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions. This enables us to analyze the business needs, assist in re-engineering business processes and synergize operations with IT solutions, to positively impact the Key Result Areas of Healthcare Service Delivery Network.

The healthcare system functionality is modular in nature. The modules may be quickly customized and implemented to address immediate pressing concerns or they may be adopted as an integration portfolio to serve expansive needs.


Benefits of HASIS Include

  • Savings: Considerable savings in Manpower, Time and costs through improved productivity
  • Efficiency: Increased administrative and operational efficiencies and improved communications between the peripheral labs with central lab
  • Simplification: Enhanced and simplified work / process flow through automation
  • Quality: Reduced errors and duplication of work
  • Centralization: Consolidation of information in to a single point
  • Optimization: Better use of existing resources at the organization
  • MIS: Comprehensive Reporting on various customizable parameters
  • Competitive Advantage: Improved customer satisfaction and market position

Our services suite for Healthcare

  • Electronic Health Record
  • Healthcare Support Systems
  • Clinical Care
  • Patient Management
  • Disease Management
  • Primary Care
  • Electronic Health Claims
  • Clinical Specialties
  • Generic Software Services

Remote Marketing

Pharmaceuticals sales & marketing environment face a myriad of changes, where traditional methods are no longer effective. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is by being able to shift the selling models and rapidly consolidate the product portfolios. Doctor’s, Payers and Patients are gaining more influence today, and a need for real-time content delivery on relevant information is critical.

CHANGEPOND has enabled several leading pharma organization with products that enable better integration of existing processes, resulting in enhanced customer understanding, channel visibility, and improved sales force effectiveness with focus on selected areas of Mobility, Analytics, collaboration, and cloud computing

Following are our portfolio of solutions includes content delivery & collaboration solution that enables pharma organizations to present their portfolio remotely to various stakeholders and collaborate effectively.

Remote Content Delivery

The sales and marketing force of pharma organizations require an effective tool to present their product offerings remotely to their target audience. The solution offers a remote presentation framework that enables the prepared content to be presented online at real-time to various participants.

Remote Marketing

White Boarding

  • Framework enables one-to-one communication & provides an effective feedback mechanism

Content Creation

  • Abstract external documents, articulate content & prepare it for rendering across devices

Integration with salesForce

  • By maintaining a centralized sales for solution, enables information synchronization

Device Agnostic

CHANGEPOND offers mobility solutions comprising tools that give sales representatives access to the information they need while on the move thus improving sales effectiveness.

Anytime, Anywhere

The solution offers offline support for the sales force to present their product catalog anytime, anywhere and sync when connected.

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