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Changepond Co-Sponsored #UiPathForward Americas

by Changepond  Posted on November 17, 2017

Changepond, a “Native Digital Integrator” specialized in managing the convergence of enterprise software, new media and data solutions co-sponsored the #UiPathForward 2017 event in New York. A full day event for RPA business leaders to meet and learn from some of the early adopters.

Srinivas Katta, Chief Technology Officer, Venkatesh, Senior Director, Presales and Solution, Paramagurunathan, Vice President, Enterprise Business Solution, and Naresh Kumar, Senior Director, represented Changepond at #UiPathForward event.

Some of the key insights shared in the event:

  • RPA is all about to scale – Over the next five years the impact will grow to nearly $6.7 trillion across industries. In the next three-five years enterprise not doing RPA, are not doing anything
  • “Digital-age Jobs” are soon to be the reality – RPA evolution has foreseen the decline of the Cubicle jobs and witnessing the growth of bots as digital employees (SAP bots, Cloud engineer bots and others) are creating a new “Gig-Economy”
  • Artificial intelligence joins Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategy – Business leaders are excited to embed unstructured data to structure RPA technologies to capture innovative business results that provide impactful business value, process intelligences and competitive advantage

Srinivas Katta, Chief Technology Officer added “Business Agility and Flexibility in a fast changing dynamic world drives enterprise to focus more on the change management thus creating a competitive advantage. Embarking RPA technology is key to attaining this objective”

Venkatesh,Technology Business Development solutions asserted  "RPA is one of the most exciting technology with more transformational benefits, however to truly get the best out of RPA implementation, it is essential for enterprise to spend quality time conducting technology proof-of-concepts on a few different processes to understand processes suitable for RPA and to establish guidelines & strategies well in-hand before jumping into enterprise wide adoption"

Paramagurunathan, Vice President, Account Management and Client Partner stated “RPA is not only for enterprise that have costs in their minds, it is also for those who targets excellence.  On hearing many customer stories and experiences in the event. UiPath’ s Robotic process automation has been a vital solution that spares more hours in enterprise manual work hours so that they can address real issues & improve productivity.”

Changepond has set up a RPA consulting and services division and in-progress to establish strategic partnership with UiPath (Leading Robotic Process Automation vendor) to help enterprise efficiently thrives in the digital economy.

Changepond is working with Ministry of Health, Malaysia to implement Digital workforce for hospital support staff and its partner organizations to automate various Hospital Support Services; including   Bio-medical assets management, Facilities management, Linen & Laundry, Waste management and Sustainability Programs for 150+ large Hospitals

About UiPath:

UiPath is a leading provider of robotic process automation technology enabling global enterprises to design, deploy and manage a full-fledged robotic workforce that mimics employees in administering rules-based tasks and frees them from the daily routine of rote work. The UiPath RPA computing platform is dedicated to automate business processes. It provides process modelling, change management, deployment management, access control, remote execution and scheduling, execution monitoring, auditing and analytics in full compliance with enterprise security and governance best practice.

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