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Changepond Women Testing Group (CWTG) – An Update

by Changepond  Posted on December 26, 2016

Changepond believes that diverse teams create greater innovations with a unique sense of questioning, differentiated approaches, and radical ideas. With this belief in mind, we promoted an all women testing initiative called Changepond Women Testing Group (CWTG) in June 2016 – a women powered business division providing world class testing services for latest digital and cloud solutions.

Six months down the line, CWTG has been a great platform for our women Changeponders to pursue their professional aspirations. We have several programs supporting CWTG’s growth:

  • Lets Mentor – Support from across our organization with Buddy Program, Co-Owner Programs providing tips and advice that help them achieve more in terms of Technology Adoption, Customer Management, Efficiency Management.
  • The Forum – An internal program to support women and help them build all-round support structure for motivation, engagement and personal growth on the job
  • Lead Now –Training program to enrich the leadership skills of women employees provided by seasoned Management consultants

Key success stories our CWTG has achieved in Software testing:

1) Independent Testing Services for an International Grantmaking Network in the USA: The client, a major non-profit organization wanted an end-to-end testing solution for its large implementation of SFDC Cloud-based Apttus Contract Management product.

Leading from front CWTG – Practice Head Lakshmipriya, anchored this engagement and lead a team of twenty quality assurance professionals. CWTG contributed to the Test Strategy, Planning, and Execution. Also provided relevant and timely value additions to process, tools and metrics. The team was able to deliver comprehensive testing services for the customization and roll out of the Cloud based contract management system helping customer stakeholders including legal practitioners to trust the system and transition highly sensitive and critical processes on to the new platform.

2) Setting up Testing Organization for a Leading Automotive Financing company in the UK: A leading automotive finance services provider was finding it difficult to ensure adequate quality assurance across their primary business applications for handling Vehicle Financing for Direct Sales, Contract for Hire, Insurance packages, and Dealer Financing. The products include the GENUS a customer portal support dealers, brokers and 3rd portals, CALMS handling financing management for vehicle buyers and MILES handling financing management for vehicle leasing. The challenges included handling quality across multiple products, which together witness several business and technical release cycles each year.

CWTG was able to meet the client short term & medium term business objectives by quickly providing a competent Quality Assurance Leader Abirami at customer place to be the single point of contact for quality. She would liaise with various customer stakeholders and setup quality models for business streams involving customer IT and operations. A consultative model was adopted; tying-in quality approaches and checkpoints based on software and data changes, stakeholder concerns and aligned to best practices. We bought in our previous experience working with a UK based Vehicle Leasing company and could relate to the business sensitivities and stakeholder KPIs, able to support them without much of a learning curve. In parallel a long-term plan for comprehensive quality management and with an extended onsite-offshore team is working on 360degress of quality setup and testing operations.

In the Spot Light:

At Changepond CWTG has seen strong business growth and our women team is a preferred testing partner for digital modernization initiatives. Our testing capabilities in Data Virtualization, Cloud Software Adoption, Fintech technology modernization is a key differentiator for CWTGs success.

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