Edu Performance


The Platform for Digital Education

About EduPerformance

CHANGEPOND’s EduPerformance is our full-fledged education technology offerings focused on a wide spectrum of digital education software including learning, assessment, accreditation and analytics. Powered by latest and cost effective technology such as cloud and mobility, our platform offerings provide socially connected learning and assessment services for all stages of education life-cycle.

  • Helps educators to build enriched, personalized and collaborative learning system
  • Offers assessment based on common core standards for adaptive & linear assessment including cognitive abilities
  • Has successfully transformed learning in interactive and visual learning
  • Has leverage cloud services using Amazon, Rackspace, Digital Ocean to setup public, private or hybrid cloud

Very active in the Education and Assessment space, and our current capabilities include 360° solutions for K-12 & Higher Ed (High-Stakes & Classroom technology), Vocational

EduPerformance provides

A jump-start framework which can be tailored to meet specific learning needs and outcomes
The unified components of EduPerformance can be independently deployed to meet specific purposes

Here we bring the components of EduPerformance


  • EduPortal

    Learning and Assessment Portal

  • EduTest

    e-Assessment Platform with Greater Offerings

  • EduTransform

    Transforms Elegantly Across Platforms

  • EduAnalytix

    Measures Outcome with Power Maps

  • EduCloud

    Cloud Offering


  • LMS platform – Delivering end-to-end Learning Management System (LMS) with LTI, TEI and Mobile ready
  • Assessment platform– Modernized Assessment platforms for Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking tests supporting Adaptive algorithms, Mobile & Cloud delivery
  • Item Transformation – Transformed one of the largest item banks to QTI and PCI compatible
  • De-Flashing – Migrated existing flash content built on various proprietary platforms like Flash on to Interactive & Usable HTML5 content using our F2H framework, for seamless rendering across platforms & devices
  • Education Dashboards – Powerful web application to monitor teacher effectiveness, student behaviors and performance. Provided a early warning system to prevent drop-outs and improve student engagements

EduPerformance Landscape


  • Asset Extraction
  • Asset Conversion
  • Content Creation
  • Course Transformation
  • Course Creation
  • Course Packaging
Content Delivery


  • Curriculum
  • Grades
  • Lesson / Quiz
  • Simulations
  • Gamification
  • Assignments
  • Forum
  • Practice Test
Test Management


  • Item (Templates / Transformation / Authoring)
  • Scoring
  • Item Banking
  • Adaptive & Non-Adaptive
  • Accessibility
  • Test Management
  • Test Publishing
  • Test Delivery
Data Extract


  • Data Warehousing
  • Reports
  • Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics


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