Modernization Services

Digital Strategy for Modernization

Modernization methodology with COVETM and DevOps

Modernization of legacy applications including transformation to digital is high on CIOs priorities for year 2016-2017. There is significant pressure on the CIOs to get their modernization program on a right track because of the below challenges

  • Preparing the enterprise for the change
  • Completing the program within budget
  • Integration with enterprise applications
  • Creating a digital strategy and omni channel presence
  • Consolidation of application portfolio and decommissioning of legacy applications

Digital Strategy for Modernization

platform modernization

Modernization programs need to have a digital strategy depending on the nature of the business, industry, demographics and end consumers of the business. Platform modernization is continuously challenged when it comes to digital strategy because of the continuously evolving and changing digital technologies. Platform modernization is rationalized by a continuous process of transition and transformation in company infrastructure, and needs to be positioned with paradigms that can play an important role in accelerating the speed at which digital platforms could be modernized.

CHANGEPOND follows a ‘Digital-First’ strategy with below principles

  • Plan for Omni channel presence as suitable for business
  • Moving to cloud to be scalable and sustainable
  • Plan for exponential growth of data and the analytics framework to feedback and improve business

Modernization Approach


Assessing legacy system issues & Impact analysis after IT Stakeholders interviews


Define future state architecture & Select Modernization strategy based on Assessment of AS-IS solutions


Strategy planning enables modernization solution and approach for migrating legacy to latest


Deployment new application takes place with continuous Roll out, Support & post production maintenance


CHANGEPOND Offshore Visibility Engineering

CHANGEPOND has adopted a new and innovative way for off shore development which is focused on Incremental & Iterative Development. The COVE development model is characterized by

  • Multiple development teams working in tandem
  • Iterative Deliverables
  • Regular visibility of progress to Customer
  • Releases to suit ‘time to market’ considerations

Scrum based

Agile Scrum based with continuous short iterations, repeat reviews and frequent deliveries


Dedicated & Secure Visibility Environment for our clients to track the evolving application from any place and at any point in time


Onsite Coordination (Scrum Master) to ensure continuity and constant interaction with the offshore development teams


Gradual migration from existing models (e.g., waterfall) to Agile and adapting the model to suit to client’s needs


CHANGEPOND DevOps bridges the gap between software development and operational departments focusing on unhindered flow of planned work with an aim to increase reliability, stability and security of the application. Our DevOps model synergistically combines our development & operational departments to act in unison for the implementation of Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Automated testing, Application monitoring and other best practices in Software Development and Operations.

Life cycle of DevOps


DevOps planning including the feedback from continuous monitoring

Code & Build

Continuous integration

Test, Release & Deploy

Continuous Testing
Continuous Release & Deploy

Operate & Monitor

Continuous Monitoring