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52 million

First-time home buyers may enter housing market in the next 5 years


Increase in HELOC borrowers from 2016

79 million

More U.S. consumers would be classified as super prime when evaluated with credit vision

Mortgage Industry Solutions

Increase Extent of Recapture
With interest rates at an all-time historic low, demand for refinance continues to increase. To help lenders increase their extent of recapture, our AI/ML based solutions enables lenders to achieve the same. Our out of the box solution allows lenders to realize business value in as little as 8 weeks.
Make every Processor great
Using advanced prediction models, Prioritization framework and intelligent automation, our solution helps processors at every stage of the loan processing cycle. Which loans should they be working on, which ones to prioritize, which ones to de prioritize, what are the best practices? Which tasks can be done by machines? Which ones need human cognition? This intelligent orchestration of task between human and machines results in optimal outcomes for all stakeholders – borrowers, processors and lenders.

Benefits to Borrower

  • Reduced Cycle time
  • Improved experience

Benefits to Processor

  • Greater Productivity
  • Increased earnings

Benefits to Lender

  • Reduced cost per loan
  • Increased capacity
  • Lower attrition
Improve the velocity of decision making
Organizations are operating in an environment where the rate of change has increased manifold. This calls for increase in speed and quality of decision making. Enough studies have established that the quality of decision making improves with greater collaboration across stakeholders. Our solution helps CxOs make the right decisions and at speed.

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