Current Challenges

  • Employee-employer relationship takes a hit when claim approval is delayed /flagged
  • Crucial productive hours are spent in vain entering and verifying expense reports
  • Manual data entry and thus the process is prone to errors and rework for all those involved in the approval flow
  • Need to remember travel policies
  • Identifying duplicate/fraudulent claims

Our Solutions

Pre-Travel Process

  • Well-defined template for raising Travel Request that captures all required information for planning a hassle free travel
  • Auto routing of travel requests to managers for approval and real time tracking of the Request status
  • Travel desk can come up with an itinerary using the information provided in the Travel Request without having to involve the requestor
  • Automated itinerary sharing, approval by the requestor and proceed to pre-booking
  • Finance team can process advance based on the approval status
  • Real time management of the entre pre-travel process with defined timelines
automate expenses system

Capture Travel Expenses

  • Capture all the expenses on the go by uploading receipts received through sms, email, app bills, and credit card statements
  • AI powered tools read the receipts, extract required specifics and create expense entries. Just add it to your expense sheet
  • Receipts are tagged and stored as supporting documents for approver’s verification
ai claims processing

Approval Process

  • With auto-captured receipts, the approval process is simplified multi fold for the approvers. They do not have to manually verify each receipts and approve expense by expense
  • Approval workflow with real time activity tracking is created once the employee submits the expense report
  • The expense report are auto-checked with travel policies and violation alerts are triggered at the time of expense report submission. This feature greatly help in reducing the number of reports getting rejected by the approver thus saving time and effort of all those involved
  • Financial executives can set rules for auto approvals of certain expenses
  • Approvers can seek clarification from employees using real time chat and comment features
automated expenses system


  • Availability of consolidated data – Advance rendered, Expense reported, travel card usage makes it easy to process reimbursement
  • Settlement processing and reimbursement on time
rpa for claims processing and reimbursement

Analytic Capabilities

  • Transform expense data into valuable reports that could possibly be used to get insight on various factors like
  • a. Most frequently travelled route – Can be used to check if better deals can be negotiated with travel agencies
  • b. Most frequently visited place – Can be used to check if better deals can be negotiated for accommodation and food
  • c. Bottlenecks in the approval process
  • d. Department that spends more and reason for it
  • e. Compliance percentage for various types of expenses
expense process analytics