Technology Partners

We keep extending our digital capabilities by partnering with market leaders to ensure to deliver appropriate technology solutions. Together, we provide our customers the best IT skills and digital solutions throughout their digital journey.

  • Automation Anywhere

    Changepond has partnered with Automation Anywhere to provide helping its clients transform from Semi Digitized Operations to Autonomous Digitized Operations. Changepond is able to drive this transformation by amplifying technology to drive operational efficiency and thus enabling a Smart Workplace and Integrated Automation. We leverage the power of Rule based automation (RPA) and Cognitive automation (RCA) emerging technologies to help our clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful.

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  • Rossum

    Changepond and Rossum provide its partner with automation solutions for Accounts Payable( AP) and other back-office operations including, but not limited to Accounts receivable, Expense management, Debit and credit card statement processing, Payroll, Customer onboarding Previously, Changepond’s partner was handling these operations manually.

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  • UiPath

    Changepond uses advanced process automation tools to deliver Enterprise-Grade Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that drive greater efficiencies and cost savings for customers around the world. As a Service Partner, Changepond’s cognitive ecosystem, acts with the vision of enterprise wide automation & delivering robotic workforce of the future to its customers by leveraging its access to industry’s leading Robotic and Cognitive Automation (RCA) portfolio, sales, technical & marketing resources from UiPath. Changepond along with UiPath envisions to provide Intelligent Automation Services that not only mimic human activities but also augments human judgment.

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  • Boomi

    Changepond being a reliable partner under Boomi partner network extracts the complete essence of the digital connectivity infrastructure platform (iPaas) to build, deliver and support robust integration solutions and services to connect people, processes and systems across the enterprises with greater speed and efficiency

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  • Appian

    Changepond has partnered with Appian a pioneered in enterprise low-code development so we can deliver transformational business applications in a fraction of the time it used to take. Up to 20x faster — because in Appian you don’t code your application. You draw it, like a flow chart. That makes building new applications intuitive to business people, so aligning business and IT has never been easier. Which makes delivering a winning application in Appian faster than other approaches.

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    Changepond has leveraged AI and ML techniques by partnering with to transfer its indispensable advantages to its clients across various domains. We envision the business pain points of our customers over the period of time and strive to provide them the advanced, scalable and flexible solution utilizing AI and ML platforms. Our mission to bring value to our customers was further bolstered and backed by incorporating such advanced AI technologies into our solution. Changepond focusses on helping its clients embarking the digital transformation journey and completing it successfully by strong alliance with

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  • Chennai Mathematical Institute

    Changepond has partnered with one of the country’s best research groups in Mathematics and Computer Science based out of India to enhance our Cognitive/Machine Learning delivery capabilities and leverage the possibilities of Academia- Industry collaboration.

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  • Arria

    Changepond has partnered with ARRIA to provide intelligent Natural Language Generation (NLG)/ Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions. Changepond, has enterprise-level capability and flexibility to offer NLG/ NLP solutions that allow data streams to generate automated narratives that directly communicates to humans in natural language. Changepond has implemented NLG based solutions for financial services clients who work on wide and complex data sources.

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  • Medius

    Medius is a leading global provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, helping organizations drive their business forward by enabling best-in-class process efficiency, cost saving opportunities and greater financial control. Over 3,500 customers and 450,000 unique users worldwide use Medius spend management solutions, managing transactions worth more than $150 billion annually.

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