• Difficulty managing and locating critical documents/statements
  • Inadequate data transparency and data sharing for business operating from varied locations
  • Redundant and time consuming data collection process
  • Multiple sources of data have to be translated to a common structure or layout
  • Data retrieval for audit queries
  • Integrating data residing in various silos

Our Solutions

Data Capture

  • Efficient data capture engine to capture data from different entities and different geographies of the business
  • Collate the data and create a common tax repository by mapping data received from different sources in different formats to one pre-defined format. Integrated tax data help optimize the tax accounting process and maximize the time spent on data analysis and review
  • Data captured are tagged and archived for future data reference. You never know when tax authorities comes up with an audit query and wants data aging back 7 years
tax on automation

Data Management

  • A tax process management system with built-in global tax and regulatory compliances is the right way to manage tax computations and repeatable manipulation of data on high volume of transactions. Repeated transaction based tasks are best handled by bots
  • Data visibility throughout the tax process helps to create a better audit trail between source data and consolidated tax disclosures
tax process automation

Tax Analysis and Reporting

  • Availability of real time integrated data offers the ability to factor in precise tax cost estimates in business decision making
  • Use dashboards that include prebuilt key performance indicators (KPIs) for typical audit flags such as "Revenue by Employee", "Effective Tax Rate” and “Magnitude of tax savings against target”. You can also customize your own dashboard with any tax metric
report automation