Current Challenges

  • Managing and securing employees details and PII data. Data encryption is compromised
  • Integrating data from various sources like daily attendance data, leave calendar, conveyance department, tax and deductions, appraisal hikes and many more
  • Employee management (adding/deleting) to the payroll system
  • Maintaining consistency and on-time release of payment
  • Difficult to scale up as employee count increases
  • Multi-staged verification is required to ensure accuracy
  • Pay roll compliance across various countries for frequently travelling employees

Our Solutions

Data collection

  • Various sources for payroll like Employee register, leave tracker, new hire/exit management, salary changes, salary slabs, tax withholding details, benefits and deductions structure are made available in required format
  • Integrate different pieces of data for efficient and legislative compliant process
  • Instant transfer of data between different systems
  • Updated data from any source can be ingested into the payroll system without disturbing other pieces of data
computerized payroll system

Data Validation

  • Manual spreadsheet checking is replaced with payroll checks and specifications to verify the integrity and accuracy of the data
  • Tolerance factor can be set on variables to measure deviations
  • Results from validation protocol can be viewed as simplified results and acted upon accordingly
  • Amendments can be made to any set of input data and validation protocol can be restarted without the need for any data transfers
paycheck automation

Payroll Process

  • Includes all payroll computations to compute earnings, deductions, tax withholding, insurance payments, PF contribution and special benefits
  • Reconcile the values and verify for accuracy
  • Set multiple Pay slabs for different group of employees
  • Define policies for leave, attendance, benefits and pay. This will help immensely in defining templates for automation
Auto payroll system

Payment Process

  • Sets up tasks to debit from employer’s bank and credit to employee’s account
  • Update accounting books with salary and reimbursement data as salary paid is one of the major operating cost for an organization
  • Generate encrypted pdf format pay-slips with a thorough breakdown of taxes, allowances, and deductions
  • Statutory deductions like EPF, TDS are remitted to the respective regulatory bodies periodically
ai in payroll management