Why invest in automating Accounts Receivable?



  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Working Capital Cycle
  • Risk
  • Operational Cost


  • Paper
  • Bad Debt
  • Past Due Receivables
  • Manual Data Entry


  • Optimized Process efficiency
  • Improved Cash Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Analytics

Our Solutions

Invoice generator

  • Build your own invoice template. The template can include specifics like the details of the good or service being sold, the date of purchase, the payable amount, the timeframe within which your customer has to pay and many more
  • In cases where customers’ request for invoices in specific format, create customer specific template and record customer’s preferred way of receiving invoice (electronic or paper)
  • Auto generate invoice based on sales order. This helps in prompt delivery of invoice as soon as the order is dispatched
receivable invoice

Credit Management

  • An integrated system comprising of dispatched invoice details, payment (both on-time and short) details, outstanding dues, turnaround time, penalties / discount history for each customers is essential to build a credit management application
  • Credit management application helps in identifying the credit worthiness of a customer, a key factor in deciding the credit extended to the customer
credit management

Payment tracking

  • Match payments to invoices and auto-update invoice status with payment details
  • For overdue sales, payment reminder templates can be built and reminder mails are automatically distributed
  • Digital payment methods enable to get paid faster with options for clients to set up recurring payments
digital payment


  • Analyze the performance of credit-to-cash processes with reports and insights
  • In-depth information on departmental metrics to accurately determine productivity and identify bottlenecks
digital payable solutions