CHANGEPOND High Availability Services for your Infrastructure

CHANGEPOND High Availability Services (CHASSM)

CHANGEPOND helps clients gain value from remote infrastructure management (RIM) engagements through its CHASSM Solution. By providing 24/7 RIM services, we help organizations around the world stay competitive by reducing costs and downtime. CHANGEPOND leverages its next-generation remote infrastructure management service delivery mechanism—CHASSM—to deliver end-to-end IT infrastructure services. CHASSM is an ITIL based delivery system and covers all phases of service delivery. It includes complete automation at the event, task and overall workflow levels.

CHASSM services are delivered by our state-of-the-art CHANGEPOND Remote Operations Center (CROCSM). Powered by state of the art technology, our Remote Operations Center (CROCSM) facilities smooth transition of customers complex Infrastructure Management setup in a few weeks. CHANGEPOND leverages a number of tools to provide its clients with additional benefits. This is further strengthened by strong technology partnerships with leading industry OEMs.

Features of CHAS Solution

  • Business process view using industry standards and process reengineering with analytics, improving end-to-end performance metrics,
  • Boosting year-on-year productivity, and reducing TCO by up to 30%
  • Integrated Operations Platform
  • Technology and Intellectual Property driven operations maturity model
  • Best practice based IT optimization and standardization


  • 24×7 Services desk and operations team
  • Round the clock monitoring services
  • Preflight checks and event analysis
  • Automation
  • Security compliance
  • Integrated quality program
  • Transition and Transformation projects
  • New setups
  • Large scale deployments
  • New business solutions


  • Server operations
  • Data center services
  • Application & Database services
  • Network services
  • ETL services

Added Values

  • Health checks
  • Architecture & Designing
  • Operations
  • Project management
  • Event management / Incident management / Request management
  • Problem management and change management
  • Configuration management and release management

Benefits of CHASSM

CHANGEPOND, with its CHASSM approach enabled a customer to reduce its mean time to recovery (MTTR) from 8.5 hours to 1.5 hours. An optimization exercise also helped the customer improve their backup accuracy from less than 90% to over 99%.

CHANGEPOND also enabled a major global engineering company to significantly decrease operational costs and increase efficiencies through a global IT infrastructure consolidation. We delivered 40% savings through offshore operations and 8% year-on-year savings through continuous process improvements over four years.

Key Points

  • Benefit from real-time monitoring, alert management and incident resolution
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Avoid skills shortages and imbalances

CHAS SM Value Add

Integrated Quality
Control Model

Improved Quality, Leverage offshore, Process framework


Flexible / Cross-platform, Knowledge of the customer


Integrates Quality standards, Continuous improvement

Simplified Automated

Predictability & Improved stability, Clean interface / Proactive monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

Statistical techniques of our predictive analytics provide insights into future events based on historical incidents, connections, dependencies and downtime before a problem occurs.


  • Reduce downtime and drive operational productivity.
  • Avoid outages to reduce service disruption
  • Perform faster root cause analysis and quickly isolate problems

Key Performance Metrics

  • High Availability
  • Minimum down-time
  • Failure frequency
  • Response time
  • Periods of operation
  • Accessibility in case of problems