Loan Cycle Time And Boost Productivity upto 30%

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How a leading National Mortgage Lender drastically reduced their loan cycle time and increased productivity up to 30%

Today, loan Volumes are increasing due to historically low-interest rates. It takes too long to process a mortgage (approximately 45-60 days) considering the enormous amount of documents that are handled on a day-to-day basis. Lenders are unable to increase the processor capacity to keep pace with the increasing loan volumes which can result in increased cycle time for loan processing, leading to poor borrower experience.

Imagine if you could intelligently prioritize the loans for processing, thereby ensuring that processors work only on those loans which are likely to get funded? This not only reduces cycle time, thus improving borrower experience but also reduces the cost of processing a loan.

Check out our success story on how a leading national mortgage lender benefited from our intelligent automation solution.

The case study talks about

  • Simplifying your mortgage process and operating with more efficiency
  • How AI/ML helps in increasing your loan processing capacity
  • Intelligently prioritizing your loan process and increase productivity up to 30%
  • How RPA along with Machine Learning complements human work
  • Reducing your loan processing time up to 50% through artificial intelligence
  • Achieving improved accuracy with seamless borrower experience
  • How to streamline mortgage process with Robotic Process Automation