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Smart Contract Management System

by Changepond  Posted on March 30, 2017

Machine Learning + Integrated Software Architecture + Digital Utilities is at the top of the agenda across almost every industry sector right now

Changepond brings machine learning together with analytics to unlock the power of data and drive automation and innovation to traditional contract execution lifecycle. Machine Learning algorithm learn from historical data on contract lifecycle to provide intelligent insights like contract performance, recommended action, failure prediction, etc. These insights will help anticipate, automate, and reinforce decision-making capabilities, thereby building quality early in the contract execution lifecycle.

Our unique contract management solution armed with Machine Learning algorithm recommend relevant, intelligent actions that make contract execution more effective. Our solution offering in ML led contract management include:

  • Contract Optimization: Identify key contractual data, clauses and compliance are not missed
  • Clauses Analytics: Identifies problematic terms and clauses which may need to be discarded
  • Execution Prediction: To help predict proficiency, manpower required, execution cycle time and schedule adherence
  • Contractual assistance: Virtual assistance to create draft contract or assist in problem that may arise on contract

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