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Single Page Application (SPA) Modernization for a Leading Medical Defense Organization

by Changepond  Posted on May 23, 2016

The client, one of the largest medical defense organizations (MDO) in Australia, provides indemnity insurance and support to more than 50,000 members through its licensed insurance subsidiary.

The Client

The client, one of Australia's largest medical defense organizations (MDO), provides indemnity insurance and support to more than 50,000 members through its licensed insurance subsidiary. Being a member run not-for-profit organization, they provide insurance cover for over 60 per cent of insured doctors and medical professionals. The client provides medico-legal & risk management advisory services and provide support, advice and legal representation services in the event of a claim or complaint. They also provide education, research and training programs in collaboration with medical associations, colleges and training providers.

The Requirement

Being an indemnity insurance service provider, one of the main challenges faced was to register and manage claims records of members through a centralized system. This project required us to completely revamp their legacy web application into a Single Page Application (SPA). Other elements like claims, fulfillment and workflow were required to be integrated into the portal. Response time taken when searching customer data had to be minimized by optimizing the dashboard.

Our Single Page Application Solution

Changepond was referred to deploy a Case management system that could best assist the client handle various aspects of claims. This Single Page Application (SPA) has a collection of features such as claims, workflow, fulfillment and policy definition etc. The Single Page Application (SPA) captures relevant information like general case details, Practitioner details, Patient Details, Diary entries, Reviews, Committee decisions, Reserves, Payments & feedback from Solicitor/CCA/Expert.

The other major task was to completely re-factor the dashboard panels of their legacy Web Application. It had a advanced search feature that helps Customer Service representatives to view customer’s data such as policy, jobs, referrals & contact details through a “Dashboard” with multiple panels. The Customer Service Representatives (CSR) was not able to respond to customer queries quickly, since the existing dashboard took more time to populate the search data from multiple applications. Hence the dashboard had to be optimized to improve the overall response time. The entire application was re-factored & built on Single Page Application (SPA) technology (Bootstrap), which helped in decreasing the load time of pages by storing the functionality on the client side once it is loaded the first time, thus allowing easier data transfer between pages.

Dashboard was enhanced by enabling the presentation layer to directly communicate with the data layer in order to retrieve data from database thereby eliminating data parsing through service and business layers. The quick edit feature that enables a pop-up window for altering current data was modernized by implementing JQuery pop-ups in place of DevExpress UI controls. Search feature was enhanced by introducing the WCF service layer. REST based service was used to deliver data in light-weight JSON format for loading the initial and subsequent searches. The overall response time of the new dashboard was well within 3 seconds.

Our Engagement

Changepond’s heritage of building everlasting relationship with similar clients attracted more customers who trusted us and engaged with us for availing various service offerings. Our lasting relationship with this client too commenced in a similar fashion almost a couple of years ago. The entire engagement was managed Offshore, with able support from onsite through the COVETM methodology.

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