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Ensuring Application Security

by Changepond  Posted on October 1, 2012

Changepond deploys the right security measures for developing & sustaining Business-Critical Applications


The protection of applications and the associated data that drive business processes and transactions is critical for ensuring business availability and corporate reputation protection. Since organizations rely on a large extent on the applications they use, it is assumed that a high level of application security is to be preached. Validating these applications to be free from security-related flaws would be the top priority for IT managers and security pros. However, the diversity of application types and the complexity of underlying technologies used to build them make the task more challenging.

Our Approach towards Application Security

Changepond deploys various approaches based on the complexity of these applications for determining the security leaks. Applications developed are often subjected to Business Impact assessment to get an overview of the likely threats that may jeopardize the application landscape. Various Manual and automated approaches such as application vulnerability examiners or manual penetration tests are executed to inspect the application and identify issues. Source code analysis done either with automated tools or by developers trained to find common logic & programming errors.

Years of experience working with several financial institutions across the globe has enabled us to gain eventful insights on application security. An effective authentication system is necessary for compliance with requirements to safeguard customer information, to prevent money laundering and reduce fraud & identity thefts.

Changepond has employed a variety of technologies and methodologies in user authentication. The authentication technologies and methods employed are entirely based out of the risk assessment process conducted in accordance with the customers. Since authentication methods that depend on more than one factor are difficult to compromise (must for high-risk situations), Multi-factor authentication are preferred for secured sign-on to internal & external services including third party services. We use flexible and scalable authentication techniques which make the process simple to use & easy to administer. These services can also be customized according to the user’s requirements.


Ensuring Application Security

Changepond deploys the right security measures for developing & sustaining Business-Critical Applications

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