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Engagement models for Open Source Technologies

by Changepond  Posted on October 5, 2012

Our engagement models give our customers the flexibility of choosing how they would like to work with us.


Choosing the right mode of engagement is perhaps the most critical of all business decisions, which can result in the right mix of expenses and yields. Changepond has designed different business engagement models to meet the niche requirement of every business. Our engagement models give our customers the flexibility of choosing how they would like to work with us. Years of experience in executing open source projects has enabled us to put forth the below engagement models considering all possible scenarios.

Fixed price

The fixed price model is ideal when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. Based on the requirement brief given, Changepond shall work out the effort involved and quote a fixed price. On mutual agreement of the price, Changepond shall enter into a contract and execute the project. Project Manager assigned for a project will be the single point of contact for the client and responsible for tracking & delivering the project within the agreed time frame. Payment is to be made on completion of mutually agreed milestones.

In case of larger projects, a complete project team comprising of Delivery Manager, Project Manager, Account Manager, Technical architect, Business Analyst, Lead developers and developers will be assigned. Also a formal SDLC will be followed. Methodology could be waterfall or Agile (Scrum) or any other based on the need.

Time & Materials (T&M)

The model is applicable when the requirements are not fixed and could evolve with time. In these cases Changepond offers the client the flexibility to buy chunk of hours and assign tasks whenever required. As resources are not dedicated, there could be very little delay in executing the tasks. Changepond would identify the resources matching the profile provided by the client. They will follow the Indian business hours and report regularly to the customers through IM, telephone, VOIP, etc. Time sheets would be send on a weekly basis. The rate may vary according to the engagement duration and the payment is to be made on an agreed rate card at fixed intervals.


The clients can engage resources on a dedicated basis for a specific period of time and pay for this engaged period. As resources are dedicated, only the tasks given by client will be carried out. Resource & project management will be the same that of the T&M model.

Experience Trust & Lasting Solutions

Changepond does not just establish client-vendor partnerships, but engages in meaningful relationships with the customers. We attribute our past successful engagements to the following:

  • Structuring our development on proven methodologies
  • Setting up the right metrics in our processes to ensure quality and timely deliveries
  • Ensure client participation throughout the engagement cycle
  • Engage our experts at all levels to work with customers
  • Emphasize on business continuity procedures


Engagement models for Open Source Technologies

Our engagement models give our customers the flexibility of choosing how they would like to work with us.

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