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White paper: Digital Content Strategies for CMOs

by Changepond  Posted on August 10, 2016

With diverse digital touch points such as social, web, and mobile gaining popularity across the customers, digital marketing is, today, perceived as a cost-effective marketing strategy to improve customer connect.

In keeping with this trend, companies are trying to improve, define and design their digital marketing strategy.

In the digital era, digital content marketing starts with the audience. The content must form a part of a social engagement, enable search engine optimization, and drive broader multichannel initiatives. For example, in developing a new app, the question moves from “What’s the most efficient way to move customers through the buying process?” to “How do they come to us?”, “How do they wish to interact with us (and in which contexts)?”, “What kinds of social interactions drive them?” A robust multichannel content marketing strategy helps businesses establish their expertise, gain trust, as well as build a positive reputation and rapport with the target audience.

This paper outlines the approach and importance of digital content marketing in driving seamless multichannel customer engagement. It also reveals latest technologies and customer trends that are likely to change marketing organizations in delivering personalized content over the coming years.

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