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Collaboration Platform - Drug Discovery Program

by Changepond  Posted on April 3, 2013

Changepond involved in the development of a Collaboration Platform supporting Free Exchange of Ideas between Drug Investigators


The Client

The client based out of US is one of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. They partner & build alliances with various stakeholders to develop innovative medicines at lower costs. 20% of their total workforce is engaged in research & development activities, whose facilities are spread out all across the globe.

Drug Discovery

The pharma companies are nowadays formulating partnerships with academia & external institutions to negate the challenges emerging out of new drug discoveries. By providing a platform for idea-sharing, Drug Discovery lowers the barrier for collaboration between investigators. Partnering with majors enables investigators to have increased access to nascent laboratory resources & technologies. The program put forth by the client provides a unique opportunity for investigators/researchers from external institutions to submit compounds for screening in the client's R&D facilities. Once a compound generates promising results, investigators have the option to reveal the structure to the client for further reviews. Findings may lead to a partnership for further studies or collaborative production & distribution of the drug.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to bring together all investigators of the Drug Discovery program across the globe onto a single platform to facilitate better collaboration. To make this dream a reality, they wanted to build a web application, which integrates all key stakeholders and bring together all functions on a common platform. They also intended to build a compound submission pathway via a simple web-based interface, which ensures total confidentiality of submitted information. A reporting module which provides consolidated results of all completed compound tests was also required out of the new application.

The Solution

The Collaboration Platform integrates with the existing knowledge management solution and provides an environment for users to share information efficiently. Institutions register with the client through the web-based application. Once an institution has become affiliated with the program, all investigators within that institution will be able to create registered accounts. Every investigator are entitled to their own collaboration environment through which they can update information, ask queries, see past responses, upload default documentations like compound data sheets, sample information document amongst several others.

The registered individuals will then be able to securely submit the structure information for the compounds to be screened. Provisions are available within the application to screen and certify such submissions. The application also facilitates the shipment of physical samples, for the compounds accepted in the screening. Following the compound testing, the complete reports of the findings will be provided to the investigator through this web interface.


Collaboration Platform – Drug Discovery Program

Changepond involved in the development of a Collaboration Platform supporting Free Exchange of Ideas between Drug Investigators

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